Coffee drinkers rejoice! Now that spring is bringing us warmer temperatures, more and more people are switching back to the refreshing taste of iced coffee. While hot drinks are great in the winter, there is something about a cool refreshing iced latte on a hot summer day. 

Iced coffee can be tricky to make, and if you don’t do the process in the right order, it can leave your coffee watered down and lukewarm. Follow the steps below for a quick and easy way to make delicious iced coffee!


Step 1: Brew The Coffee 

The first step is to brew your favorite coffee! Do this just as you normally would, whether it be in your coffee maker or instant coffee.


Step 2: Let The Coffee Cool

This is a vital step that most people skip, and it leads to watered-down coffee! Let your coffee cool in the fridge or in your kitchen for 10-20 minutes before making your beverage. (Mix in your Lion’s Mane and Chaga Coffee Booster)


Step 3: Fill a Large Glass 40% With The Coffee

Once your coffee is cooled, the next step is to put your coffee in a large glass before the ice. This leads to less ice melt and a colder beverage. Fill the glass about 40% full to leave room for ice and cream.


Step 4: Add Your Ice

Now once the coffee is cool and in the glass, add your ice! If you did steps 1-3 correctly, your ice shouldn’t have melted too much and you should have a full cup of iced coffee!


Step 5: Top With Milk/Cream and Enjoy!

Now the fun part! Top the iced coffee with your choice of milk or cream and watch as it slowly drizzles down the ice and mixes with your coffee.

Now go find a nice sunny spot and enjoy your iced coffee! For more recipes and content from Blue Toad, check below. 


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